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  Ph.D. (Economics)
Public Economics / Applied Microeconomics
Primary Works
"Misleading Advertising in Duopoly", Canadian Journal of Economics, forthcoming. (Co-authored with Keisaku Higashida)
"Alliance Partner Choice in Markets with Vertical and Horizontal Externalities", B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, 11, Issue 1 (Topics), Article 13. (Co-authored with Ming-Hsin Lin)
"Strategic Voting for Noncooperative Environmental Policies in Open Economies", Environmental and Resource Economics, Vol. 46, pp. 459-474, 2010.
"Is Technological Progress Pareto-improving for a World with Global Public Goods?", Journal of Economics, Vol. 84, pp. 135-156, 2005.
"Essays on the Private Provision of Public Goods” Ph.D. Thesis, Osaka University, 2005.
"Reconsideration of the Crowding-out Effect with Non-linear Contribution Technology", Economics Bulletin, Vol. 8-7, pp. 1-10, 2003.
My Classes
In my Public Economics course, students primarily study the economic and social roles of the public sector (national and municipal governments). Students learn the mechanisms behind various public schemes, including taxation and pension systems, laws and regulations, and public work projects, as well as the necessity of these mechanisms.
My Research Programs
The term ";global commons"; refers to internationally common goods whose benefits and costs bear a global nature. To name a few, global commons include environmental preservation programs and international initiatives to build world peace and prevent infectious diseases. I am engaged in theoretical studies of global commons, particularly their supply methods and institutional frameworks necessary to maintain global commons.
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