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Asian Economics / Field Work at Factories in Foreign Counties
Primary Works
"Japan's Business Strategy in Asia after the Boom of Investing in China"
(Small Business Monograph, No.16, 2007: Institute of Small Business Research and Business Administration)
My Classes
In my Asian Economics course, I explain the economic development of Asian countries after World War II. To facilitate students' understanding, I use PowerPoint, together with videos taken in various Asian countries. In addition, a few lectures are given by businesspersons who have worked in other Asian countries and members of the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers. To see overseas factories first hand, students also are given opportunities to visit local businesses and factories of Japanese enterprises in other Asian countries. During such tours to Asian countries, participants also meet with students of our sister universities in Asia.
My Research Programs
In East Asia, production and logistic networks of Japanese and Chinese (including overseas Chinese) enterprises are creating a de-facto East Asian Economic Community. This is most typically evidenced in economic partnerships built between businesses in China's southwest region and Indochina. This trend is being accelerated by rapid development of logistics infrastructures, such as highways, as well as taxation procedures and other services. Studying these trends, I am pondering about the future of Asian economies.
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