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  Ph.D. (Economics)
Industrial Organization
Primary Works
Referred journal paper: Multi-Market Competition, R&D, and Welfare in Oligopoly (Southern Economic Journal, forthcoming, co-authored with Akio Kawasaki and Noriaki Matsushima)
Referred journal paper: Airline Mergers with Low Cost Carriers
(Economics of Transportation, forthcoming, co-authored with Tomohiko Kawamori)
Referred journal paper: Airline schedule competition and the entry route choices of low-cost carriers

(Australian Economic Papers, forthcoming, co-authored with Akio Kawasaki)
Referred journal paper: Airport privatization in congested hub-spoke networks

(Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, forthcoming)
Referred journal paper: Complementary Alliance in Composite Good Markets with Network Structure

(The Manchester School, forthcoming, co-authored with Keisuke Hattori)
Referred journal paper: The way of offering vertically differentiated airline services
(Operations Research Letters, 2012, Vol.40, p.374-377, co-authored with Tomohiko Kawamori)
Referred journal paper: Airlines-within-airlines Strategies and Existence of Low Cost Carriers
(Transportation Research Part E, 2012, Vol.48, No.3, p.637-651)
Referred journal paper: Presence of Foreign Investors in Privatized Firms and Privatization Policy
(Journal of Economics, 2012, Vol.107, No.1, p.71-80, co-authored with Toshihiro Matsumura)
Where to Enter in Hub-spoke Airline Networks
(Papers in Regional Science, 2012, Vol.91, No.2, p.419-436, co-authored with Akio Kawasaki)

Referred journal paper: Alliance Partner Choice in Markets with Vertical and Horizontal Externalities

(The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, 2011, Vol.11, Issue 1 (Topics), Article 13, p.1-25, co-authored with Keisuke Hattori).

Referred journal paper: Airline Alliances and Entry Deterrence

(Transportation Research Part E, 2008, Vol.44, No.4, p.637-652)
Ph.D. Thesis: Regulation and Competition in International Airline Markets-Hub-airport Competition, Airline Competition and Air Transport Policy-
(Nagoya University, 2003)
My Classes
Researchers of industrial organizations analyze various impacts of governmental regulations and deregulations on industries, businesses, consumers and society at large. Encouraging students to proactively participate in class activities, I make my utmost efforts to give easy-to-understand explanations and let students enjoy my classes.
My Research Programs
I am studying the international airline market, focusing on the formation of airline networks, partnerships between airline companies and competition between hub airports. I am also studying the so-called mixed oligopoly markets that feature competition between public and private firms.
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