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Message 1

Advanced information literacy is a weapon to interpret complex societies.

Graduate of the Wakayama Prefectural Wakayamakita High School
Department of Business Information, 2nd year

I chose this department because I believe that advanced information literacy will be needed in the future.
The challenges given by the teachers during classes were all practical. For example, I learned how to interpret the constitution and future prospects of companies by analyzing their business performance.
Every day, I feel that understanding economic and information mechanisms which support society will help me grasp the essence of matters.
Recently, I have naturally acquired the characteristics of a full member of society. For example I have become more interested in the news in newspapers and on television, and business related topics have become part of everyday conversations with my friends.
On days when there are no classes, I work as a student worker on the open campus program. As I greet visitors, guide campus tours, and introduce the department, I enjoy telling high school students about the good features of the Osaka University of Economics from the standpoint of a student and feel that it is a worthwhile task.

Weekly schedule
1English IV bRecreation methodology (Indiaca)
2Insurance theory IISpecial lectures on finance I (Introduction to corporate governance)Overview of business administration II
3Seminar IDevelopment psychologyMedium and small business administration theoryEnglish IV a
4Marketing strategy theoryLogistic information systemsProject management exercises
5Special lectures on finance
I(Culture and economics of Kansai?living fashionably)

Message 2

I want to confirm the object of research with my own eyes. This motivates me to study on the scene.

Graduate of Osaka Prefectural Akutagawa High School
Department of Business Information, 3rd year

I am interested in the culture of Europe, and decided that I would really go and see it!
I traveled around Europe for a month in the winter of my second year. At the same time as I saw how people of Europe live, work, and think and gained an understanding of their culture, I was reminded of the good qualities of Japan. It stimulated my desire to learn more about both Japan and foreign countries, and I threw myself into research comparing the cultures of Japan and Europe in my seminar.
When I look around at society from the perspectives of business administration and information, I discover that the range I can approach is truly unlimited. It is a academic department where I can carefully search for and expand my goals.
The photo shows a French metro ticket.
Saying, “I will do things I can only do while I am a university student,” I have faced a variety of other challenges as well as traveling to Europe. I have cycled to Tokyo and traveled to Kyushu to compare ramen noodles. All were good experiences.

Weekly schedule
1Training in the gymSocial research
2Insurance theory IISpecial lectures on finance I (Introduction to corporate governance)Macro-management accounting theory
3Job-seeking activitiesJob-seeking activitiesJob-seeking activitiesActive with the adults soccer team
4Management organization theorySpecial lectures on finance I (Politics and economics in international society)Seminar III
5Part-time job
6Part-time jobPart-time job

Message 3

Taking the challenge of planning a new product in a creative learning environment.

Graduate of St. Andrews High School
Department of Business Information, 4th year

IT is a tool. This is the motto of my seminar. We are using IT to carry out a number of projects in order to learn what we can do.
I am in charge of developing a new English education system. Its goal is to help people who are poor at English gain the English ability of a middle school student.
At first glance, this may seem to be education instead of business administration, but my goal is not to guide them as a teacher, it is solely to build an education system. With the business administration perspective?creating products which generate profit?I am tackling this issue aiming for a practical goal.
During my high school years, I did a home stay in Canada, and after my second year at university, I took a year off to study in the U.S.
This not only improved my language ability, it gave me the courage to go anywhere I wanted by myself.
I am deepening my friendship with friends I made overseas by continuing to communicate with them.

Weekly schedule
1Legal protection of information systems
2Special lectures on business information I (Modern Japanese economic and financial theory)Seminar IIIPractical Web design
3Industrial technology theoryGame development exercisesPractical project management
4Spatial information processing exercisesAlgorithm exercisesInformation mathematics IICorporate Information system exercises
5English VApplied information systems