Graduate Schools

School of Economics (master's/doctral degree programs)

School of Economics

In 2004, responding to changes in society's needs regarding graduate schools, the nearly 40-year-old School adopted a course system for the master's degree program. In addition to the researcher course, the tax accountant course (tax system), the School now offers a regional policy course and a general course that are also open to the general public.

School of Business Administration (master's degree program)

School of Business Administration

Many Japanese businesses are now undergoing transformation in adapting to globalization and computerization. Against this backdrop, the School of Business Administration was set up in 2005 to offer students opportunities to cross-sectionally learn advanced management theories, entrepreneurial know-how, business-related law and other knowledge with which to lead corporate society in the next generation.

School of Business Information System (master's degree program)

School of Business Information Systems

Its curriculum consists of two different areas: finance/accounting and information management. It also offers three different enrollment models in which students can systematically learn subjects necessary for their future career development. Its aim is to educate key businesspersons with advanced IT skills and business management knowledge and expertise.

School of Human Sciences (master's degree program)

School of Human Sciences

Established in April 2006, the School offers two different courses: a clinical human psychology course that focuses on analysis of psychological issues that are becoming increasingly complex, and a human relationship course exploring approaches to achieving harmonious relationships and partnerships between oneself and others. Using OUE's advanced facilities, the School offers programs to educate professionals and experts.