President's Message

Mitsutoshi Tokunaga Ph.D. President, Osaka University of Economics Mitsutoshi Tokunaga Ph.D. President, Osaka University of Economics

Since its founding in 1932, Osaka University of Economics (OUE) has upheld the principles of"freedom and harmony"and"practical human learning."Having developed a mission statement in 2007, OUE has since strived to live up to it, with the motto:"Linking with society."In 2012, OUE will celebrate the 80th anniversary of its founding. As the President of OUE, I would like to take this opportunity to announce our educational objectives, as follows.

What are the key concepts of education at OUE? __ "Education with love and high ideals"

I feel that students of today are much different from those in the past; for instance, more students require psychological support than before. I believe that we must pay closer and more thoughtful attention to each individual student. Rather than relating to them as a group, we should approach them individually. In other words, it is necessary to impart"education with love,"though the word"love"may sound a little pretentious.

Japan faces an increasingly uncertain future amidst accelerating globalization. With"Dori wa Tenchi wo Tsuranuku"(Truth governs heaven and earth), the words of the first OUE President Dr. Iwao Kokusho, as the key phrase. OUE will pursue"education with high ideals,"to develop individuals who can make meaningful contributions to the country and society in the 21st century.

What are the characteristics of OUE education? __"Seminar-based education,""manner education "and"career-oriented education"

(1)Seminar-based education

OUE gives students seminar-style classes from their first to fourth year. By providing liberal arts and specialized education in a small-group seminar setting with maximum student-faculty interaction, OUE seeks to help students gain a solid academic foundation as well as the practical knowledge and skills needed to function successfully as productive workers. By emphasizing seminar teaching, we provide an enjoyable and fulfilling learning experience for our students, ensuring that they develop a greater sense of attachment to and pride in OUE

(2)Manner education

It has become increasingly important for students to graduate with employable skills and knowledge. OUE provides various experience-based learning programs, including internships, fieldwork and overseas training. Through these programs and seminars, we expect students to learn the proper manners expected of a full-fledged member of society. Based on the idea of "practical human learning,"OUE seeks to cultivate in students a sound, independent personality, as well as the skills and knowledge needed for functioning effectively in the real world.

(3)Career-oriented education

OUE has a well-established career support system for helping students build successful career paths. From the first year, we encourage students to explore their future career options. By providing career guidance and counseling in close cooperation with seminar instructors, our career services staff help students make the best possible career choice. In today's tough economic times, it is increasingly difficult for new graduates to find employment. OUE has also a good reputation for postgraduate employment; we are committed to imparting quality education, producing competent professionals who can make valuable contributions to society in various fields.

What types of individuals does OUE develop? __"Individuals with down-to-earth attitude and a pure spirit"

In 2012, OUE will celebrate the 80th anniversary of its founding. Now is the time for us to turn again to the founding spirit of the university-"Dori wa Tenchi wo Tsuranuku (Truth governs heaven and earth)."These are the words of Dr. Iwao Kokusho to students who were forced to be sent to the war front. He conveyed the message that"whatever difficulties you face, remember this phrase and never give up your life."

The Greek philosopher Socrates said,"The most important thing is not life but the good life"; the Chinese philosopher Confucius said,"My way is penetrated by a single thread,"and Dr. Kokusho said,"Dori wa Tenchi wo Tsuranuku (Truth governs heaven and earth)."All these sayings express the same thought. In light of the history and culture of Japan, I interpret Dr. Kokusho's saying to mean that gratitude and a sense of awe toward life are the fundamental principles of human life.

How the word"dori"(truth) is interpreted varies from person to person. I would like to encourage students to deeply contemplate the meaning of the phrase"Dori wa Tenchi wo Tsuranuku"during their four years at our university; I advise them to make this phrase a guiding principle in their lives. Through seminar-based education and manner education, OUE is committed to developing individuals who are down-to-earth in attitude and innovative in spirit.

What type of university does OUE aim to be? __ No. 1 university in economics and business administration

As I mentioned above, we will celebrate our 80th anniversary in 2012. However, this is but a passing point. We need to develop effective strategies from a long-term perspective, keeping the 90th and 100th anniversaries in mind, and vigorously pursue those strategies to achieve set goals. It is expected that the population of 18-year-olds will decrease rapidly from 2018. It is important to pursue bold and outward-oriented policies, instead of inward-oriented ones. OUE is an urban, midsized, multidiscipline university with a long tradition of education in the fields of economics and business administration. As stated in the third mid-term plan, our immediate objective is to become firmly established as Kansai Region's leading university in economics and business administration.

As a four-year university with graduate schools, two research institutes and three research centers, OUE, located in Osaka City, will further promote research activities in collaboration with local businesses, industries and communities in the Kansai region.

As we head toward the 100th anniversary in 2032, we at OUE will continue to strive toward our goal of becoming one of the nation's top universities in economics and business administration.