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The Faculty of Economics provides a wide variety of flexible educational programs through small-group instruction. The Facultyfs primary goal is to establish through combined efforts of students and faculty members a solid base of humanistic practical education, in line with the spirit of "Dori Tenchiwo Tsuranuku" (Reason governs the universe), advocated by Dr. Iwao Kokusho, the Universityfs founding president. The Facultyfs second goal is to provide students with well-organized and specialized programs of practical education, comprising theoretical studies and fieldworks in the areas of socioeconomic histories, theories and policies, thereby assisting students to grow into tolerant and creative individuals. Through the humanistic practical education, the Faculty aims to develop human resources that will contribute to business circles, local communities and international society, human resources with the aspiration of keisei-saimin (lit. governing the world and saving the people).
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