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  Associate Professor
  Ph.D. (Economics)
Social Policy / Regional Research / Social Security
Primary Works
My Classes
In my Social Policy course, students will study labor problems, growing unemployment rates of young people and various other concrete matters relating to the students’ career development. The Social Security course will comprise lectures on social security systems. Both courses will feature studies directly related to work, life and livelihood. To benefit students’ career development, I will also discuss topics related to job hunting.
My Research Programs
I am studying young people’s unemployment problems and initiatives taken in Japan and the UK to promote young people’s employment. Problems associated with so-called “freeters” (job-hopping part-timers) arise not only in Japan, but also in the UK and other European countries. I am studying the actual situation of job-hopping part-timers in the UK, as well as various cases of young Japanese part-timers, including one who established a labor union and became a permanent employee.
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