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  Associate Professor
  Ph.D. in Political Science. University of California, Los Angeles.
International Relations
Primary Works
Kagotani, Koji, Kan Kimura, and Jeffrey R. Weber. 2014. "Democracy and Diversionary Incentives in Japan-South Korea Disputes."International Relations of the Asia-Pacific 14(1): 33-58.
Kagotani, Koji, and Yuki Yanai. 2014. "External Threats, US Bases, and Prudent Voters in Okinawa." International Relations of the Asia-Pacific 14(1): 93-104.
Kagotani, Koji. 2010. Military Alliances, Regional Trade Agreements, and the Politics of Compliance. Ph.D. Thesis. University of California, Los Angeles.
My Classes
My teaching experience includes a variety of courses in international relations and research methods.  For courses in international relations, I emphasize the importance of theories to examine the causal mechanism behind political events and connect the theories to current policy debates.  For courses in political methodology, I use visualization to help the students understand theoretical concepts.  For their homework, students are required to analyze a political issue and give a policy recommendation, which helps cultivate their interest.
My Research Programs
An increasing number of international treaties is the remarkable trends in international relations after the World War II.  Treaties characterize the world order by managing disputes and promoting cooperation.  Especially, military alliances consolidate strategic alignment and deter foreign challenges to the status quo, while trade agreements realize joint gains to enhance alliance ties and to discourage conflicts among adversaries.  However, there is no supra-national entity to govern state behavior and to enforce compliance with these treaties.  In the post-World War II period, 188 of 429 alliances terminated, while 192 of 386 regional trade agreements became inactive.  In my dissertation, I conducted a game theoretic and statistical research to explore the possibilities for securing commitments to international treaties in such an anarchic world.
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