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Political Science / Public Administration / Field Work at Jeju-do Island
Primary Works
Osaka Institute of Local Government Inc. ed. " Study of the issues in the public service delivery by the Non Profit Organizations as the entrusted managers", NIRA Report 11/'07
'Decentralization in France', Comprehensive Research Institute of Social Welfare "SOUGOU-SHAKAIFUKUSHI-KENKYU", 10/'06
'The Realities and Issues at the next stage of the New Public Management Reform ' Osaka Institute of Local Government Inc. "Annual Report 2004", 07/'04
My Classes
For students desiring to enroll in the Faculty of Economics, my Political Science and Public Administration courses are unlikely to be very appealing. To facilitate students' understanding of politics, however, I introduce newspaper articles and explain political theories in an easy-to-understand manner.
My Research Programs
I specialize in urban politics and local autonomy. Recently, I also began studying urban public transport policies. I hope to visit worldwide cities, and study politics and society of individual cities first hand.
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