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  Associate Professor
  Ph.D. (Economics)
Economic Policy
Primary Works
Economic Thoery of Taxation and Tax policy, Ph.D. Thesis (2003, Kwansei Gakuin University)
Note on the equal split solution in an n-person noncooperative bargaining game (2007, Mathematical Social Sciences, forthcoming)
Existence and Efficiency of a stationary subgame perfect equilibrium in coalitional bargaining models with nonsuperadditive payoffs (2008, Economic Theory, forthcoming)
Noncooperative Jurisdiction Formation in a Local Public Goods Economy (2005, Osaka University of Economics Working Paper)
My Classes
In my Economic Policies course, I lecture about an ideal state of economic policies and utility regulation, along with the impacts of deregulation. At the same time, I also refer to the relationships between economic policies with market economy functions and strategic actions of economic entities.
My Research Programs
Using non-cooperative coalitional bargaining game theory, I am studying what types of consensus people reach and what sorts of groups/organizations they form through negotiations/discussions.
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