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English / Introduction to English Studies
Primary Works
(forthcoming) 'Against the arguments against the Japanese particle -to as a postposition.' In the Proceedings of 4th Workshop on Altaic in Formal Linguistics. MIT Working Papers in Linguistics: Cambridge, MA.
(forthcoming) 'Syntactic status of -TO and its meaning.' In the Perspectives of Linguistics in the 21st Century. Linguistic Society of Korea: Korea.
'Thematic role of sentential To/Ko complements in Japanese/Korean.' In Japanese Korean Linguistics 11, p.439-453. Center for the Study of Linguistics and Information: Stanford, CA.
'Zibun as a residue of overt A-movement.' In Formal Approaches to Japanese Linguistics 3, p.309-325. MIT Working Papers in Linguistics: Cambridge, MA.
'Thematically Driven Movement in Japanese: A Study of Psych Verb Constructions.' University of Maryland
My Classes
To improve English vocabulary and comprehension skills of students, in reading classes I use reading materials suitable for students' levels in terms of both difficulty and length. In English conversation classes, I use ";over-wrapping"; and ";shadowing"; techniques to improve students' listening and speaking skills. I also include activities that enable students to use the English expressions they learn.
My Research Programs
Currently, I am primarily studying the syntax category of the Japanese particle "to." Like the English word "that," which is used before an embedded sentence, "to" is usually regarded as a complementizer. However, because of the different functions of the two words, I classify "to" as a postposition.
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