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  Associate Professor
  Doctor of Education in International Educational Development
Teachers College, Columbia University
English / English Language Teaching Methodology/ Study of Foreign Languages
Primary Works
The United States Education Mission to Japan. Osaka Keidai Ronshu, 58(3), 37-50. (2007)
CALL for researchers: Capturing a ubiquitous influence of technology. (ERIC Document Reproduction Service No. ED 490 650, April, 2005)
Confucian philosophical values in modern Japan, Journal of Values Education, 2(6), 97-113. (April, 2004)
The use of Information Communication Technology in English Language Learning in Japan. (Teachers College, Columbia University / ProQuest, 2004)
Professional development. World Bank Institute, 2000.
Effectiveness of educational technology. World Bank Institute, 2000.
My Classes
To acquire knowledge and English proficiency, students learn current affairs in and outside Japan by reading English articles. Students also form teams and give presentations in English.
My Research Programs
I am studying language education using information and communication technology (ITC). I also study communication structures, and relations between national educational policies and economic development.
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