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Economics of Labor / Introduction to Economics / Contemporary Japanese Economy
/ Labor Policy
Primary Works
gForeign direct investment, wage bargaining and a firmfs outside option opportunity,h Research Institute for Ecnomics and Business Administration University of Hyogo, Discussion paper series No.14, 2007, (with Hiroyuki Nishiyama).
gSubstitution between regular and non-regular employment in the Japanese firm,h Seiryoudai Ronshu, No.40(2), 2007, (in Japanese).
gMacroeconomic Factors in the Widening Wage Differential between Regular and Part-time Workers,h The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies, No.554, 2006, (in Japanese).
gAn analysis of the wage differential between regular and non-regular workers in Japan,h Research Institute for Ecnomics and Business Administration University of Hyogo, Working paper series No.209, 2006.
gDual labor markets economy and De-industrialization,h Political Economy Quarterly, No.45(1), 2006, (in Japanese).
gLabor demand in light of different ages, h Seiryoudai Ronshu, No.39(2), 2006, (in Japanese).
My Classes
In my Labor Economics course, students will study theories of various factors underlying the increase in unemployment and the number of temporary workers. Moreover, students will learn the present situation of Japanfs labor market using statistical data, and consider various elements underlying changes in Japanfs labor market. Students will also learn methods of analyzing various statistical data regarding economics.
My Research Programs
The term kakusa-shakai (society of widening disparity) has become very widely used. I am studying the actual situation of present society through effective use of statistical data, and seeking various elements responsible for this widening disparity.
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