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  Associate Professor
Economic Geography / Local Economy in KANSAI
Primary Works
"Structure and Ploblem of Revitalization in the inkstone (Suzuri) industry in Ogatsu Area, Miyagi Prefecture" Osaka Keidai Ronshu, Vol.58-6. pp.131-144, 2008.
"The Products Conversion and the Characteristics of Enterprises in the Foundry Industry in Mizusawa City, Iwate Prefecture" Quarterly Journal of Geography, Vol.58-1.pp.1-18, 2006.
"The Development of High Value-added Production Systems in the Leather Shoe-making Industry in Taito-Ku, Tokyo" Geographical Review of Japan, Vol.78-4,pp.179-201, 2005.
"A Change in the Concept of "Regional Advantage" in the Industrial Complex Area"
Business Economy, No.41.pp61-80, 2005.
"Decline of the Footwear Industry in Japan and the United States as a Result of the Global Shift in Production"
Science Reports of Tohoku University@7th Series(Geography)CVol.53, No.1/2C 57-74C 2004D
My Classes
In my classes, students discuss and search for ways to revitalize local economies against the backdrop of excessive concentration of businesses in Tokyo. In particular, students study ways to revitalize the Kansai economy and Kansai's industrial clusters, which feature small businesses. Students are encouraged to pay attention to social and cultural aspects, as well as economic aspects.
My Research Programs
To cope with the inflow of inexpensive products from overseas, Japanese enterprises should add more value to their products by innovating technologies and product designs. I am studying important factors contributing to this much needed innovation.
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