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  Associate Professor
  Ph.D., Tokyo University
Chinese/Japan - China Cultural Exchanges History
Primary Works
Diplomatic Relations Between China And Japan--1960's~70's
(TOHO Publishing House, April,2009)
A study of the Transition from the Tribute System to the Modern State System: The beginning of the study of Japanese during the Late Qing Dynasty
(Osaka Keidai Ronshu Vol.58, No.6,Noverber,2008)
The Search for Diplomatic Japanese Interpreters in Qing Dynasty
(Osaka Keidai Ronshu Vol.57, No.6, March, 2007)
Detaching from the Tribute System: The Japanese Occupation of Taiwan
(Hosei University TAMA Bulletin, Vol.22, March, 2006)
Sino-Japanese Relations in the Late Qing Dynasty(1871-1894)
(Ph.D. Thesis, Tokyo University, 2004)
My Classes
In my Chinese Language course, I teach basic sentence patterns, grammar and pronunciation of the Chinese language. I also touch on Chinese culture, society and customs. In history class I explain modern Japan-China relations from the Opium War to the Revolution of 1911.
My Research Programs
I specialize in modern history of Sino-Japanese relations. In particular, I am studying the Chinese people's views of Japan during the Meiji Period (1868-1912). From bilateral historic perspectives, I study Chinese and other Asian people's perceptions of Japan's modernization following the Meiji Restoration and the impact of Japan's modernization on China and other Asian countries.
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