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Primary Works
An Analytic Instrument for Assessing EFL Pronunciation. (UMI. 149 pages, 2004)
Validity of an Instrument Measuring English Pronunciation Performance. (JACET Kansai Journal No.8. pp. 1 - 14. 2005)
Analyzing English Pronunciation Learning of the EFL Students: Holistic and Analytic Approaches. (Language Education & Technology. No.43. pp.127-138. 2006)
Using Generalizability Theory to Evaluate Reliability of a Performance-Based Pronunciation Measurement. (JLTA Journal No.9. pp. 86-100. 2006)
Exploring the Assessment of English Pronunciation Using GENOVA and FACETS. (JACET Kansai Journal No.9. pp.27-40. 2007)
My Classes
In my English Language course, I employ diverse programs to improve students' English proficiency. For instance, students read news articles on diverse topics, e.g., during the 2007 spring term, students read about the wedding of Norika Fujiwara, the G8 Summit and many other topics. Students also write their resumes in English, and give presentations in English to introduce enterprises.
My Research Programs
My research theme is ";testing and evaluation."; I believe that up to now my students have probably undergone hundreds of tests. From the perspective of test producers, on the other hand, it is extremely difficult to prepare a quality test. I am studying the conditions for reliable tests that ensure fair evaluation.
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