English Education in the Faculty of Economics

English Education in the Faculty of Economics

Last updated:December 16, 2016

The Faculty of Economics has set its original mission statement and course objectives since 2008.
Since 2012, in addition to the textbook , 1st year students have been required to learn a vocabulary book as a second textbook in order to acquire the 2000 high frequency words and improve their English proficiency.

Mission Statement

The Faculty of Economics strives to help students develop flexible and practical skills to deal with economic and social issues, and views English education as a vital part of its endeavor. The ultimate goal of our English program is to foster graduates with solid English language proficiency so that they will be able to use English in their future career.
To this end, we will further improve our English education by helping students acquire basic English proficiency as well as facilitating education based on practical learning. Therefore, we take various initiatives as follows:

・Implementing suggested textbooks and the designated  vocabulary textbook for the 1st year English courses
・Setting comprehensible goals for all courses
・Introducing portfolio evaluation as a grading policy

We strive to maximize learning opportunities for all students and endeavor to meet both society’s human resource needs and our students’ education and employment needs.

Course Objectives

◆English I, II (1st year students)
English I and II aim to foster basic English proficiency through which students can communicate in English in a given context. To this end, the following goals are set.

Ia & IIa
・to acquire high frequency words
・to acquire basic grammar
・to fully understand simple English texts
・to master how to use English-Japanese dictionaries

Ib & IIb
・to acquire basic expressions useful for daily life and related vocabulary
・to acquire basic grammar necessary for daily conversation
・to acquire basic listening and speaking skills necessary for daily conversation
・to learn how to facilitate the natural flow of conversation